Systems Design and Implementation


You are becoming concerned that systems-based reporting is unreliable and does not give you the line-of-sight to employees and customers that you need. The systems don’t give you the control that you need to ensure high quality engagement of them.

Too often, you find that work that should by now be routine such as Special Projects Cost Control continues to be done as if from scratch; the wheel is invented again and again.

Occasionally, there is a simple mistake such as a personal injury accident or an unpaid account that the established system should have prevented.  You worry about the reliability of the system and how to assure this.

You may have spent a lot of money establishing a system such as Sales and Operational Planning, only to find that inputs and outputs from other key systems are absent.Your IT department has installed sophisticated costing systems and now you discover that your Engineering and Production people have developed work-arounds. Your HR department has installed state-of-the-art people systems such as Recruitment and Selection, Talent Tracking, Performance Management, and now report poor compliance by line managers.You expect your managers to be constantly on the look out to systematise the work that they are accountable for.  But it doesn’t happen often or at all. You expect that your general managers must actively monitor, review, design and implement systems as a key to ensuring overall productivity.But, they are always too busy with their day-to-day work to fit in this future-focused work.  It doesn’t happen.
Our Systems Effectiveness Review helps you to measure the current state of your systems’ effectiveness and to design and implement systems improvements.
Our approach treats your systems as ‘human-technical’ systems.  This means that there is a critical need to integrate techniques, processes and technical theory with the needs and behaviour of employees who will use the system.

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