Our Approach

We are experts in organisational and leadership development

We help you to build your organisation’s execution effectiveness so that you can reliably achieve the business strategy and objectives that you have decided on.

This can be about improving the ability to execute at the company level, at the divisional level, at the department level or at the level of the customer facing output team. We understand that improving the ability to execute may require attending to the design of your organisation including Structure, Roles and Role Relationships, Process Flows, Systems. We understand that it may also require attending to the quality of managerial practices such as Selection to Role, Task Assignment, Team Building, Team Working, and Assuring Performance.
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We are experienced managers and executives. We understand what is important to line managers at all levels – from front-line managers to senior executives. We understand that all organisational and leadership development initiatives must have clear business value.
Our ideas, methods and tools are for immediate, practical use and are well grounded in science.Our work is based on the body of science-based work now known as Requisite Organization*.  This body of work has a 60-year history of science-based investigation and study as well as significant practical development in the workplace.**

Drawing from Requisite Organization, we have developed the PeopleFit Leadership Framework.

The Framework is a manager-friendly ‘code of practice’.It is a whole-of-organisation suite of principles and practices, setting out what your managers must BE, must KNOW and must DO in order to build and maintain execution effectiveness. PeopleFit's leadership framework logo
Key principles and practices are grouped within three overarching themes:
1. Managerial Leadership 2. Business and Organisational Leadership 3. Relationship Management
The work that all people in true managerial roles must do with respect to their direct reports. The additional work of senior managers to ensure systemic delivery.  For the company’s leadership team, it is the additional work of deciding the strategic direction. The knowledge, skills and experience required to ensure productive communication in working relationships.
  • We support the application of these principles and practices with methods and tools to diagnose and fix problems for the immediate and the longer term.
  • We help managers to apply the Framework methods and tools to their current business plans and to the real problems facing them in the workplace.  We avoid games-based training and go straight to the work that needs to be done.
  • We ‘teach managers to fish’.  Your managers take ownership from the start as we deliberately transfer our knowledge to them.  We support them in leading their teams so that they build their ‘personally-earned’ authority as leaders.
  • We provide effective, value-adding ‘people’ systems and integrate them with improved managerial leadership practices.  These systems help to sustain the improved practices over the long term as ‘the way we do things around here’.

We work to ensure that your line managers own and lead significant change and make it stick!

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* Jaques, E., 1998, Requisite Organization, Amended 2nd edition, Cason Hall & Co, USA

** Global Organization Design Society: Requisite Organization bibliography