Organisational Structure

Optimising Structure


You think that there might be too many levels of reporting, but how many levels should there be and why?

You see some of your managers spending time doing or re-doing the work of their direct reports.  They appear to be down in the weeds.  What’s going on?

Your front-line managers have so many direct reports that they cannot develop any useful degree of engagement between employees and the company.


You have people in specialist roles such as technical advisory, planning, business analysis, IT/HR service, but they don’t seem to work as well as they should with your line managers.It seems that your specialists can easily be ‘frozen out’. Some of your key, cross-organisational processes falter or fail completely, e.g. Sales and Operations Planning, Billing, New Product Development, Talent Pool Management. You can see that there are gaps in accountabilities and you think that sometimes there may be overlaps.Your high-performing people may be reluctant to take on specialist roles.  They believe that the only way to the top is through line management.
Our Structural Effectiveness Review helps you to:

  • Rapidly envisage your ideal, fit-for-business organisation structure
  • Identify the gaps by comparison with your existing structure
  • Design and implement structural adjustments to close those gaps.

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