Building Leadership Effectiveness


Some of your managers appear to be natural leaders, but standards of practice seem to vary widely across your business.Team meetings are hit and miss affairs; sometimes productive and business-like, but too often a cause of frustration to those attending because they don’t deliver action or results.Managerial ‘style’ can be seen to swing from hands-off  to highly directive or even punitive – with no clear view of what might work best – and why.There is no clear set of behaviours, principles or values to anchor expectations that you might have of your managers. When things go wrong or don’t get done as expected, accountabilities are blurred and blame games erupt.  Managers might even complain to you about their direct reports when you ask about things that might be going wrong.Employee surveys continually show that your employees think that poor performance is not being effectively managed across the business.Employee engagement and job satisfaction scores vary widely across your organisation.Your managers are unsure or can’t agree, about what employee engagement or employee satisfaction means. Managerial training appears to change with the seasons as one idea goes out of fashion and another replaces it.  Managerial training seems to be mostly focused on specific topics such as project management, negotiation, conflict management, team building.This approach to improving particular skills for chosen individuals seems reasonable to you, but it doesn’t seem to change behaviours back in the work place.If asked how they learned how to manage, your experienced line managers tell you that they simply picked it up along the way.
Our Framework-based Leadership Development sets clear expectations for what your line managers must BE, must KNOW and must DO.Leader and team effectiveness improves immediately.  Our leadership development work is customised; it is immediately connected to the current business plans, work and challenges of managers and their teams.

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