Changing the Culture


You have become aware that the culture of your organisation resists change or new initiatives that you try to introduce.

You have invested heavily in a new business system and now find that the users of the system continue to work in the old ways and begin to build work-arounds such as off-line spreadsheet-based reporting.

You are becoming aware that new improvement initiatives that you launch are met by a “We’ve seen it all before.  We don’t need to do anything different.  We can just wait for this to pass” response from employees.

Your managers might talk about the need for a culture of accountability; of innovation; of quality; of safety; of cooperation.But where will that come from?They seem to believe that if a poor culture exists then there is little they can do about it.You find it puzzling that poor culture can too often be offered as a good reason for poor performance. The company’s training programs appear somehow to be passive and of doubtful business value.Candidates for training are selected and sent away to be trained.They come back to the company perhaps energised and with fresh ideas, but nothing new happens as they fall back into their workplace routine.The old workplace culture seems to claim them back!

Our Framework-based approach to Cultural Change leverages your line managers to bring about the cultural changes and associated business results that you want.

We help you to ensure that all new ideas, methods or techniques can be effectively introduced and immediately applied and that clear performance feedback is provided to ensure progress and to stick any new initiative.


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