Executive and Management Coaching

Over your career, you have managed teams of all shapes and sizes, and have learned how to lead through trial and error.  You know that to step to the next level and to get outstanding outcomes, you’ll need a tried and tested framework that you can trust.You have identified an up and coming manager who has potential to be a GM or the CEO in 10 years time.  You want to find ways to best develop her in order to prepare her for these roles.The organisation is going through many challenges lately, and you can’t figure out how to galvanise your tired mid-level management team.  They are clearly struggling through lack of a formal approach when things aren’t plain sailing. While the technical work that took you to your new CEO post is the foundation of your comfort zone, you know you need a broader skill set to lead the organisation to the next level, but can’t figure out where this will come from.Since the acquisition, you have a handful of new managers who lack solid management skills.  You need to take immediate steps to provide them with a common framework of leadership principles and practices, and you are aware that their integration into existing teams will need to be managed skilfully.You’ve spent four years completing an MBA, but need to know what practical steps you should take at work tomorrow. You have promoted one of your longest serving managers to a role that significantly broadens his scope, and he is clearly struggling.  But it is not through the lack of technical skills or capability.  He needs immediate help, or you will lose him.As a senior manager, you need a confidential, external advisor to provide you with support as you take your team through an extensive process of change.  You expect that you will need a reliable approach to getting feedback about your leadership practices so that you can identify and act on the gaps.  You need ongoing advice and a compass to keep you heading in the right direction.
We provide one-to-one, independent coaching and advice to managers and executives who need specific, practical and immediately useful guidance on how to improve the effectiveness of their own leadership practices and their teams.
In our Executive and Management Coaching, we help managers at any level to create the most effective working environments for their teams using current work tasks overlaid with our science-based Leadership Framework as a learning platform. 

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