Cross-organisational Alignment


Your direct reporting senior managers drive hard to get results from their functional areas, but work between functions (e.g. between Sales and Manufacturing) doesn’t flow smoothly and sometimes comes to a stop.

Delivery and customer service standards may fall, but it’s difficult to locate the causes.

You suspect that there are sometimes tensions between functional managers, but any difficulties or differences that they may have are not brought to you.

You have established some high-level business processes to help you to better integrate the costs and revenue activities such as Sales and Operations Planning, Special Projects Portfolio Management, New Product Development, etc, but there are constant arguments about who is accountable for what.

Work flows poorly through these processes, and sometimes comes to a halt.

An IT company sells you a business system with all the necessary processes and user requirements, to radically change the way you do business.  It does.  Your business slows down or stops!

You have set up some key specialist roles to assist and add value to your core, customer-facing activities, but the good people in those roles are failing to make the progress that you expected.  It is particularly difficult to attract and retain good people for specialist roles.

You may begin to think that you have appointed the wrong people to specialist or service roles.  You may think that those people are not selling their services effectively enough to their line counterparts.

Your line managers may have the view that they can choose to use or not use the appointed specialists.

Our Alignment Improvement Process helps you to identify and fix the causes of poor cross-organisational work and work flow.  We work with managers and their teams to improve their cross-organisational working and to teach them how to maintain their improved effectiveness going forward.

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